Young And Elder Radio Show

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While you read this, listen to a sample of some of the fun we’ve had.

Memphis Morning Radio

The road that  Young & Elder have taken has been long and winding with a few bumps and lots of high points. As you read about our journey be sure to click the links for a little detour.

The journey for Young & Elder started in Idaho Falls, Idaho at KFTZ Z-103 at top 40 music station.  Jay Young was the Program Director and Morning host and wanted to make it a team.  A vast search was undertaken to find the perfect person to join him but he settled for Brian Elder who was working the comedy circuit in Buffalo New York. It was at Z-103 that we developed what we thought was a pretty clever “phrase that pays“.

We made our first move on our journey that lead us to Birmingham Alabama to I-95 WAPI another Rock/Top 40 music station.  We played our share of Michael Bolton, Cher and Whitney Houston.  It was there we made national headlines in USA Today for our efforts to assist in the rebuilding of the famous Bug Tussle Steak House.  We also lead up an effort to raise funds to take out an ad in the Miami Harold to congratulate the Alabama Crimson Tide for their National Championship over the Hurricanes.
When the Birmingham Fox TV Station hosted a Beverly Hillbilly Marathon we were honored to be the hosts.
Another high light was being invited to a paintball tournament with the late great NASCAR Champion Davey Allison.


We then began to feel the country music spirit take a hold of us. The journey took us up highway 78 to Memphis, Tennessee where we would begin one of two tours of duty at KIX 106 WGKX.  It didn’t take long to meet and interview nearly every country music performer, past and present.  Some of the most memorable were Roy Clark, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Tim McGraw and Reba.  Another high point was hosting a “Celebrity Look A  Like ” contest on the Ralph Emory Show on TNN.  Helping our listeners win tickets to some of the biggest concerts in Memphis was a thrill, literally.

Memphis Morning Radio

The bug to go to that next big radio market hit and off we went to Kansas City to 101 The Fox KCFX.  We were now working on a Classic Rock music station, the music we grew up with and 101 The Fox is also the flagship station of the Kansas City Chiefs.  We obviously became rabid Chiefs fans.  We hosted the Monday morning Marcus Allen show and the Coach Schottenheimer Show.  The Chiefs missed the Super bowl by one game. We had so much fun creating bits and songs highlighting an incredible season.

The desire to syndicate our morning show caused us to pick up stakes and set up our syndicated radio show in Nashville Tennessee.  This was exciting and scary.  We built our own studio, bought satellite time and sold our show to affiliates all across the nation.  We were having the time of our life.  We did our radio show in the morning, marketed it through the afternoon and then delivered pizza and worked in bowling alleys at night to pay the bills.

Memhis Morning Radio2000
Then came the big break.  Westwood One in Los Angeles called and said “California is the place you ought to be” so we loaded up the truck and we moved to Valencia (it’s not far from Beverley, hills that is).  With the clout of Westwood One Radio Networks we were able to syndicate our morning show to nearly 100 radio stations across America.

While we were minding our own business, living the big life in Southern California we got a call from KIX 106 WGKX  in Memphis again.  They called and begged us to come back.  They dangled a big enough carrot and we accepted.  Memphis has become home to us.  For the last 7 years we have had a blast on the radio every morning.  Introducing such characters as Bryce from Mt. MoriahBrenda Hargrove the 2nd grade school teacher at Kirby Elementary School, Lester Rundle a proud resident of Nesbit Mississippi, Ray Delegarza a flamboyant caterer, chef and interior decorator and a tribute to Paul Harvey.

We were consistently in the top of ratings and received some distinguished and coveted awards along the way.

The listeners to our show  became family.  We had the opportunity to help people all over the Mid-South with paying electric bills to keep their air conditioning running during the summer, raising money to help pay for a wheel chair lift for a listener’s van, making Christmas a little brighter for hundreds of children and helping to raise nearly 3 million dollars with the St Jude radio-thon.

We understand that radio has changed over the years.  Using every available form of communication is critical to achieving success.  You’ll find that we are very active on Facebook and Twitter.  We also have our own YouTube channel.  Radio is now a multimedia event and we are on the cutting edge.

We are ready and looking to make a huge impact again.  The future is bright and we’re excited for the opportunities that are ahead for us.

“Life is all about the journey, not the destination”